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Star2 Biography

Star2 is an Asian American singer, songwriter, and rapper from San Diego, California who stunningly fuses pop, R&B, and hip-hop for a captivating collision of sound. A true survivor, Star2 was born into a refugee camp in Thailand. His people, the Ka-ren from Burma, have suffered genocide by the Burmese military and Myanmar government. His family walked 500 miles after their village was burned to the ground and attacked by soldiers. The camp, Mae La, is one of nine at the border with Myanmar, and has over 55,000 people.

With no father or mother, his grandmother was chosen in a lottery at the camp to migrate to the U.S. and took six-year-old Star2 along with her four other children to begin a new life. Even in the U.S. he faced adversity, growing up in poverty surrounded by gang violence. Those extreme hardships though, only pushed him further into greatness as he found comfort within music.

Since 2020, the prolific songwriter has released a series of genre-bending singles that have entranced audiences with superstar producer Chico Bennett (Prince, Madonna, Lady Gaga, the Killers, Hillary Duff, Britney Spears). His collaborations with acclaimed rappers Mozzy, Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, MB Nel, Luh Kel, Lil Poppa, MarMar Oso, HoodTrophy Bino and YSN Flow have gotten him noticed. He has received more than 26.4 million views on three separate singles that debuted on WorldStar Hip Hop. Thinkin Bout You and Up each received over 1.2M views on YouTube with over 8.6M views on his YouTube page. Star2’s music has more than 12.9M views on TikTok. He has released singles, EPs, and music videos with $tupid Young, Luh Kel, Lil Poppa, and Ka-ren hip hop artist Chinatown Runner. He begins a tour with $tupid Young in spring 2023 to introduce their joint EP.

Inspired by music greats Tyga and Justin Bieber, Star2 is making a bold mark with an intensely loyal fan-base in the U.S. and more recently in Thailand, Mexico, and the UK. Crafting a unique style of modern R&B, his suave sound oozes with a spirited soul. Star2 also has a playful, fun-loving, and charming side on full display in his video blog series -- The Adventures of Star2. Offering behind the scenes footage of his music videos, he also narrates a 12-day backpacking adventure to Alaska, jokes with his friends jet skiing, snowboarding, cooking with gourmet chefs, boxing, deep-sea fishing, and performing in the studio. With over 1.2M listeners and 2.3M streams to date on Spotify and after garnering acclaim from Lyrical Lemonade, Allhiphop, Earmilk, WorldStar, Notion and many others, Star2 is a compelling force.